About the Book

A native of Red Top (Johns Island), SC, La’Quata Sumter started her higher education matriculation at Darton College in Albany, GA with an Associates of Science in Computer Information Systems. Ms. Sumter graduated from Albany State University in Albany, Georgia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, received credits in Software Engineering from Florida A & M University and has a Master’s of Education degree from Georgia Southern University in Instructional Technology. Currently she is pursuing her Ph.D in Learning Technologies from the University of North Texas. In May of 2018, she completed her Ed.S in Instructional Technology from Georgia Southern University. In February of 2019 she obtained her Remote Pilot License – FAA Part 107 Certification.

La'Quata Sumter, Ed.S

Topics covered:
Certifications in IT
Obtaining Internships
Degrees in IT
Publishing in IT Journals

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About the Author

Ms. Sumter served as Computer Information Systems Instructor at Albany Technical College (ATC) (2010-2013). Former Director of Online Learning for Albany State University (2014-2017) and Fort Valley State University (2017-2018). Ms. Sumter has more than fifteen years of experience and various certifications in the field of technology. Currently, Ms. Sumter is the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program Chair/Instructor at ATC as well as the Founder of Focusing On Me, Inc.(501c3) and Focusing On Me Droneworks, LLC.

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Without technology, our world would be backward and primitive. Also, every sector in our modern age would experience little or no advancement without the improvement in information technology. However, getting to the top in this remarkable niche of study is quite challenging.​

  • How do you get to the top of your career?
  • How do you identify and harness the opportunities in front of you?
  • How do you achieve academic and career success in IT?

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This book aims at getting you to the top of your game and teaching you incredible steps that will make you and your business stand tall in the world of Information Technology and Engineering. It also aims to open your eyes to lots of hidden opportunities that lie in the business world and also how you can harness these opportunities. This book is to bring students even more clarity in the process of achieving success in information technology study.

Get the answers you are looking for and equip yourself, so you can achieve your career dreams.